Creatures of all Shapes and Sizes!

We have the experience and know-how to care for your pet, whatever its species! We currently have dogs, cats, and birds of our own, not to mention the horses, pony, donkeys, and ducks! Oh,... I can't forget the fish! We have also fostered many creatures until they found their forever homes, including dogs, birds, and rabbits.

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Let us care for your Bunny or Guinea Pig!

Don't let your bunny or guinea pig get lonely while you're gone away, let us care for them, cleaning their cage daily, ensuring fresh, crisp veggies, and clean water.

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Let Your Cat Enjoy Our Cattery!

Allow your whiskered friend to bask in the sun in the afternoon, away from the noise and ruckus of dogs. Let them chase at feathers on string and have free choice of interaction with other cats.

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We also offer Doggie Daycare!

Are you spending a long day at work or maybe you will be away for most of the day? Have your dog come and spend the day playing with us! We offer a minimum of 5 hours of playtime, if your dog has that much energy, with the option of down time if they so choose. They will have a lot of other four-legged friends to play with, or if they prefer one-on-one interaction with humans, we can do that, too!

Do you have a puppy that you don't want to keep caged all day? We provide puppy daycare and encourage proper potty training techniques, reinforce good puppy behavior, and allow for plenty of socialization for your puppy's needs. We are here for both daycare as well as overnight needs for puppies as young as 8 weeks old.